What are the dfferent types of air filters used by different car manufacturers?

1. OEM Air Filters: These are the air filters that come with the car when it is purchased from the manufacturer. They are designed to meet the specific needs of the car and are usually made by the same company that makes the car. Examples include K&N, Fram, Purolator, and Bosch. 2. Aftermarket Air Filters: These are air filters that can be purchased separately from the car manufacturer and installed in place of the OEM filter. They are usually made by companies such as K&N, Fram, Purolator, and Bosch. 3. High-Performance Air Filters: These air filters are designed to provide increased airflow and improved engine performance. Examples include K&N, AEM, Injen, and Spectre Performance air filters.

4. Reusable Air Filters: These air filters can be cleaned and reused multiple times before needing to be replaced. Examples include K&N Reusable Air Filters and AEM Dryflow Reusable Air Filters.